Hope For A Better Tomorrow

Its an utterly black friday at Hobo Jobs (TM), as today my colleagues are a vicious mob of angry, crying, disgruntled, or power starved units, and in some cases an amalgamation of all the above. Its a depressing environment that clearly does not spawn humorous or positive posting. So I’m gonna keep it brief (as I have more sobbing to do) and post the euro yacht-boogie track (hybrid genre alert!) “Miracles” by the Future World Orchestra. You kind of have to see the accompanied youtube video for their track “Desire” as well, just so you can really get an idea of the whiteness going on here, the side to side sashaying, and the casual Star Fleet “lounge” attire.

MP3: “Miracles” – Future World Orchestra

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    Are they two comedians with funny hairdos or what? They can’t be real… There’s a slightly better version of ‘Miracles’ done by Oattes & Van Schaick, formerly known as The Limit, on the album ‘Love Attaxx’ (1985).

  • Wowwww….totally awesome moves they’ve got

  • that hella made my morning!
    what happened on black friday?

  • To answer Baron, a major re-org. Up the Air style. People’s last day before being laid-off. That type of stuff (frown emoticon)

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