Sweater Set

In a wave of recent self-promotion, the good folks over at Grown Kids Radio have put up the Wilderness Wandering Mix by Chautauqua, which is a project that I’m doing with Loose Shus. The mix reflects some of our favorite tracks: old, new, current, and forthcoming. Stream or Download the Mix right here.

Also, I recently DJ’ed a set at my favorite weekly night here in San Francisco, Sweater Funk. I stumbled across this free weekly Sunday night party a few years back, when I was more on the disco side of the the spectrum, and became an instant convert. I loved that fact that it was held in the basement of a random dive in Chinatown, that they had a huge crew of DJs that were really, really, really up on their shit: top that off with a killer soundsystem to boot. The DJs were even nice enough to let me know what they were playing when I asked (some DJs don’t do this! I think most are getting better about it though), and I’ve found that frequenting the night and getting schooled on tunes on a weekly basis, sort of vamped up my record buying, especially in terms off the prices that I was willing to spend on records (thanks, I guess). Most importantly, I could lurk in the darkness, dance, and play my air bass anonymously. Although they’ve since moved from Chinatown (which in a way breaks my heart), they are now located two blocks from my house, so I guess it works out either way.

I recorded my set, and here it is with a tracklist below:

Randy “Hotthobo” Ellis, Live at Sweater Funk, 8/19/12

Omari – After Loving You
The Naturals – Party
Enlightenment – Burning Flame Pt. II
McGee – Now That I Have You
Silk, Satin, Lace – Always
Madagascar – Baby Not Tonight
Barbara Fowler – Come And Get My Loving
Deodato – Bus Stop
Dr. Togo – Be Free
Can Dee – Lucky Day
Jaymz Bedford – Keep Your Boogie
Distinction – That’s The Way I Like It
Billy Always – Show Me That One More Time
DMX Krew – East Side Boogie (Remix)
Charisma feat. Brenda Watts – Love Treatment
Somerset – Do Me Baby, Do Me
Splash – When We Touch
Krank – Going Krazy
General Johnson and The Chairmen – Me, My Woman And My Music
Rahmlee – Gold Medal (Gaining On Ya)
Change – Heaven Of My Life

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