Cosmic Chronic

I’m doing my darndest (a word I never use) to push past a great deal of bullshit, keep the PMA, and get the things going that I want to get going. Unfortunately there are jobs, and then there are the jobs that make you money to do the jobs that don’t and more often than not, the later is the one that really chucks out metaphoric pieces of shit into a fan to splatter all over your new cardigan (so when that happens, go find a good dry-cleaner I guess). But music, man…pause…is always the thing that can really pull you out of a ditch. So take arms, produce a song, go to a show, buy an album…search and destroy.

Now the Cosmic Chronic Label isn’t exactly brand new, but I’ve found myself diving back into their catalog, after getting their newest release by Antoine Rocky-Horror. The label generally reps the Miami Boogie Scene, which is apparently killer (even if it is possibly only comprised of bands and producers on this label). I haven’t been to Miami in years, so I really have no idea. But it’s definitely a label worth checking out, and their releases can be purchased from the good folks at People’s Potential Unlimited. The Antoine Rocky-Horror 45 that just came out, is one of those 45s that you’ll be tripping you didn’t get, when it sells out and goes for high currency.

MP3: “Antoine Rocky-Horror” – Machine Gun Funk

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