Shock “Heaven”

Well, its release day for “Heaven” by Shock, and it’s always a bit weird to write about something objectively when your label is putting it out, so maybe I’ll just go over the top and really milk every word for all it’s worth (of course, if I did that I’d have to omit that first sentence).

Shock is a passionate dance and pop group from the Bay Area, CA. Formed in 2010, the trio features Terri Loewenthal on bass and lead vocals, Michael Taras on space guitar, and Dan Judd on synthesizers and drum computer. Shock specializes in live riffing and phenomenal grooves, evoking the feel of sleek electronic funk and warm emotional pop. The gentle brush of a wind-chime signals a mental journey from the pyramids to the ocean, where vocals and guitar are surrounded by warm synth layers, deep bass, and electric rhythms. The live Shock performance humanizes the dance-club and evokes a new-age experience that is both contemporary and classic.

“Heaven” is Shock’s debut single, which features a hypnotic house groove, a primal bass line, and shimmering guitar layers. Terri Loewenthal’s mysterious and seductive vocals are complemented by novel production from Dan Judd and the alluring guitar work of Michael Taras. Sleek and inviting, “Heaven” is laced with a romantic melancholy reminiscent of the classic disco and house eras. The “Heaven” 12″ features remixes by Shock’s friends: The Beat Broker, Hatchback, and Steve Moore (Lovelock/Zombi). These versions perfectly compliment the original and expand the music into complete universal harmony.

Well folks how was it?  Did I properly utilize the English language?  Are you intrigued? Do you want more?  Do you neeeeeeeeeed more?  Are you pumped up?  Well go buy the 12″ single from Voltaire Records, or grab the digital from itunes or amazon!  Or download the Chautauqua Remix of “Heaven” below for free, and stream the whole release!

MP3: “Shock” – Heaven (Chautauqua Remix)


    I absolutely love it! And you are so eloquent in your description!

  • Great Post! Love the vibes this whole blog is promoting. Keep it up!

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