Promoting a show can be a great deal like herding cats. I have little experience in the matter; at most I was attempting to direct two cats into a kitchen or a bathroom, and granted I could have likely just picked them up. The case is not so, in putting together various artists from across the continent to come together for one night in a large discotheque. As with cats, things may appear to be working in concert with hopes high, and then suddenly the feline in question will swipe at you erroneously (even if you are scratching at their secret spots) with claws forthcoming. Perhaps the cat may shit on his/her tail or hindlegs, and while walking alongside of you, be tracking poop across your chambers. Is this a good metaphor for booking shows? Perhaps, maybe not, i don’t know, I mean herding cats is pretty trite anyway (you should see all the crappy political cartoons that came up in google image search). Also I should probably put a # sign before “pretty trite”, since those are the most constant and identifiable phrases and concepts that I tend to use. Alright, enough self deprecation for a moment…here is some private-press business from Jeff Phelps, now out as a vinyl reissue LP titled Magnetic Eyes, that I suggest you track down.

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Jeff Phelps - On The Corner

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