Chrome Canyon Shows LA & SF

So there are two Chrome Canyon Shows which are upcoming this week for Feb 22nd in San Francisco @ Mezzanine, and Feb 23rd in Los Angeles @ Los Globos (2013 for the readers of the future). Since I have a part in promoting both shows, it’d be stupid of me not to utilize the blog that I write for to spread the word, right? Regardless of that little tidbit, a Chrome Canyon post is waaaaaaaaay overdue anyway, as the group is basically a culmination of everything (practically) that I’ve ever been attracted to in synthesizer-based music. You can read more about exactly why I feel that way right here at The Bay Bridged.

Here’s a promo for the upcoming shows, giving a juicy lil’ taste of whats to come:

…and the video for Branches:

…and a soundcloud link for you to delve further into the Chrome Canyon universe!

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