Lover of all things disco. Lover of mutant noise. I began life in the bay area of California and now reside in Portland, Oregon where I hope to become a prolific mixtape maker via my one bedroom apartment.

Enjoy culture, all forms, but mostly critical media studies (in all forms). I am in a band, I co-write songs, I sing, it’s called CNNBL GLXY. My boyfriend and I produced an EP in our basement, in the midst of bitterly cold weather, and we hope someone else enjoys it besides ourselves, but it’s okay otherwise.

When I grow up I hope to fix at least one small social problem and have a grant to create music that conceptualizes the swallowing of physical life by the mass replication of images.

I also write for ARAWA, which is a super rad blog (love, love, love it).

Oh yeah, and before I die I’d like to make just one kick ass dance album.