Day After Discovery

I still don’t really understand my connection to the 1980s. I was born in the latter end of 1989, which I guess was enough time to soak up that sweet ’80s musical aesthetic. You know what I’m talking about: think bubblegum-pop, detuned synthesizers, wailing guitar solos, and snares relentlessly soaked in reverb. It’s not just the music though! What is it about the timid smiling across the room or the excitement of diving head first into unexplored territories of cyberspace? Honestly can’t explain it, but it’s got a hold on me. If I only I could really tell you how a video like this makes me feel…

I released an EP two years ago when I was 19 called “Super Motives” which you can download for free. I now go by Day After Discovery and I’m currently working on a new record with some new sounds and new goals. I also play guitar in a completely non-1980s-derivative post-rock band called “The Earth is a Man.” Still looking to start another metal band though…really need a shredding outlet.